Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a very hot topic on a national level with the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. This has led to increases in premium, confusion with the new laws, and insurance is now mandatory with potential tax penalties associated with not having coverage. It all leads to confusion and frustration for most Americans looking for their own coverage.

We all know what health insurance is: simply put, health insurance is protection against medical expenses. It is a transfer of risk away from you to an insurer. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer (the insurance company) and the insured (you), in which the insurer agrees to cover specified health related costs for an agreed upon premium.

Health insurance is usually broken down to the individual or non group market and the group market – insurance purchased through a business either large or small. Non group just means the policy is being purchased outside of a company sponsored plan. For example a consumer that works for a small employer that does not offer insurance would purchase a non group/individual policy. The passing of the ACA law has created both state and federal exchanges also known as marketplaces where these individual policies can be purchased. Tax credits also known as subsidies are available for certain people based on family income, family size, where you live, etc. There is a lot of confusion that has resulted from the new laws and the changes that are constantly being made each year.

It can be daunting and overwhelming for many trying to find their way though this process. Let us help you. We are here to answer your questions.

Group Health Insurance

Many get their health insurance as an employee of a business – this is known as the group market. If you own a business or are self employed you would most likely be interested in group insurance. Group insurance can be as small as a group of 1 individual or family, as is the case with a sole proprietor, or a small business covering only a handful of employees. Group insurance also entails medium and large employers which may include hundreds or even thousands of employees on the same group plan. Health insurance is a huge expense for a business owner so it is important to take the time to find the right plan. We have many years of experience in helping different employers find the right insurance product for their employees.

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