Disability Insurance

Disability insurance also known as income protection is probably the most underutilized type of insurance. Ask yourself these questions.
What would happen if I was suddenly unable to work due to a serious illness or injury? How long would you be able to survive financially if you were unable to earn a paycheck due to not be well enough to work?

What if you had insurance for your paycheck?

That is exactly what disability insurance is. Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income over the course of your life. Becoming disabled through an injury or sickness can mean a significant loss of income. Disability insurance provides a person who becomes disabled with income to cover living expenses that continue in spite of the disability. There are both long term disability and short term disability insurance policies available. We can help you decide which option may be a better fit for your needs. There are also many variables within a disability policy that we will help you select.

An individual disability policy that you purchase on your own outside of employer sponsored coverage is the most reliable and flexible type of disability coverage. Unlike employer sponsored policies you will be in control of your own policy and it won’t be tied to a particular job. As long as these policies are paid with after tax dollars the benefits received from a disability policy will be income tax free.

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