What are critical illness policies, and why are they so important?


Critical illness policies are simply a cash lump sum of money that would be paid direct to the insured in the event of a diagnosis of one of the covered critical illnesses. Examples of typical illnesses covered by these types of policies include cancer, heart attack, stroke, ALS, etc.

When these illnesses strike they bring along with them a lot of expenses. Lost time from work, uncovered medical expenses, deductible and insurance costs, and travel expenses are just some of the financial costs that are often incurred. With health insurance policies seeming to have higher deductibles than years past, filling that gap is more important than ever. Continue reading

What can I do to get the best life insurance rate?

That is a question most people think about when it comes time to purchase a life insurance policy. Some things that will factor into the rate will be out of your control, such as your gender. Sorry guys, but life insurance rates are less expensive for women because statistically they tend to live longer than men. This makes women less of a risk to the life insurance companies which lower their premiums.

Here are some things you should know, along with some tips to keep in mind to help secure the best life insurance rates possible. Continue reading

The month of May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Why Disability Insurance should be the foundation of your financial and insurance plan.

Most everything we do in life requires that we pay for it. Your housing in the form of rent or a mortgage payment, transportation, education, food, travel and leisure, it all costs money. Most of us get that money from the income provided by our employment.

When I ask clients – ‘What is your biggest asset?’ I get varying answers but most often the answer is my house, my retirement account, or my savings. The right answer though is Your Ability to Earn an Income. For many people the income they earn during their lifetime will be in the millions of dollars. Doesn’t it make since to protect that income?? We buy insurance on our homes, our cars, even our cell phones but strangely we forget to buy insurance on the biggest asset we have. This is what we should protect first! Continue reading